Guest post submissions are encouraged

Finding your first writing gig is hard. From my own experience, I remember sending out hundreds of feeler emails trying to find somewhere to accept my writing, and it can be demotivating not getting responses. Even now, as a writer-by-trade, it’s hard to find other blogs and websites that will collaborate on guest posts.

One of the greatest things about LEGO is its ability to foster creativity, curiosity, and expression. In terms of writing, these are all the ingredients that transform an ‘article’ into prose. Bricka would like to extend that sentiment to anyone who’s looking to cut their teeth in editorial, copywriting, SEO, and content creation. We’d also love for anyone with a blog, website, socials and the like to reach out so that we can collaborate.

For budding writers, this is a great chance to have your ideas published on the web, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to find your voice.

Unfortunately, we can’t pay guest writers at this time.

Submission Guidelines

We’re accepting articles across a range of forms: Tutorials, tips, op-eds, and news. If you’ve got something to say, this is the place to do it.

  • Minimum word-count of 700
  • Send us at least three ideas – variety is the spice of life!
  • Content must not be published on any other platform
  • Your writing should be nuanced
  • LEGO should be a key component of your article, but feel free to incorporate as many supporting themes as you want
  • Content should be accurate, well-researched, concise, and grammatically correct
  • Clickbait is not our friend
  • Writers will be credited as the sole author, though our editorial team will make relevant changes to wording, anchor text and SEO
  • LEGO is family friendly, so write appropriately
  • Content above 1500 words may include two dofollow links, below that only one
  • We can link to your socials too, should you consent
  • It’s encouraged for writers to share their published content on socials too, though this is not required
  • Tell a story and use this opportunity to tell the LEGO community how you feel

Above all else, Bricka is a champion of diversity and inclusion. If you have a personal story to tell about your identity and lived experiences that relates to LEGO, the world needs to hear it. This is your chance.

Submit your article ideas to us via our X / Twitter @BrickaUK or email me at [email protected]. And remember, no idea is a bad idea. Unless it’s a really bad idea.

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