7+ LEGO price statistics, facts and price per part (2024)

Over the years, the value of LEGO has not stopped increasing. A combination of factors has contributed to this: inflation, successful brand partnerships, movie deals, and IP diversification. LEGO is now considered an even better investment than gold, according to a study. Is the price of LEGO increasing fairly, or is it time to start considering the best alternatives?

Key LEGO Price Facts

  • 7 sets of LEGO are sold each second
  • $29,351 is how much it would cost to buy every LEGO set available in 2023
  • The average price of a LEGO set in 2023 is $61.53
  • LEGO Icons is the most expensive theme of 2023, averaging a cost of $177.70
  • The current average price per part of LEGO is $0.10

LEGO price and sales statistics – Frequently Asked Questions

How many LEGO sets are sold each second?
How much would it cost to buy every LEGO set released in 2023?
What is the average price of a LEGO set in 2023?
How much does the value of LEGO increase yearly?
What is the price per part of LEGO in 2023?
How have LEGO’s sales increased over the past year? (Based on 2022 sales)
How much has LEGO’s brand value increased by?

The average price of LEGO sets between 2004 and 2023

A graph showing the change in avg. MSRP of LEGO sets between the years 2003 - 2024. It's a narrow increase, though there's also a plot of resale price which shows earlier sets much higher valued.

Text on the left: "How the price of LEGO has changed over the years. 

In the last 10 years, the average MSRP of LEGO sets has risen by 35.71 percent.

It would cost $29,351 to buy every LEGO set released in 2023, too."
YearAverage MSRP ($)Average Resale Price ($)

This was calculated using a dataset collecting LEGO prices from 1958 till the present day.1

Average prices of specific LEGO themes from 2023

ThemeAverage MSRP
LEGO Star Wars$85.20
LEGO Technic$126.80
LEGO Friends$49.50
LEGO Icons$177.70
LEGO Marvel$48.14
LEGO City$51.11
LEGO Classic$44.99
LEGO Creator$32.78
LEGO Disney$66.20
LEGO Harry Potter$79.60

LEGO is timeless

What an industry this is – no system of any kind whatsoever!
– Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Managing Director of LEGO (1957 – 1973)

Within the entertainment sector, few commodities have as much longevity as LEGO. Technology is tied down to the trends of its time. Retro games consoles are at the whim of their cell batteries, headphones defunct thanks to USB-C and Lightning ports, while modern devices are now destined for planned obsolescence.

Not LEGO, though. A brick moulded in the late fifties will work just fine with the millions produced today, so long as you can get a hold of one of them. Couple this with the fact that the brand has associated itself with the most influential giants of contemporary culture – Star Wars, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Fortnite, Mercedes, McLaren, Marvel, DC, and even Twilight have cemented themselves in physical history thanks to their transformation into brick. When the dust has settled and those cultures are replaced, their LEGO sets will still live on.

  1. This was calculated based on a Kaggle dataset, accurate as of October 2023. Later release data were manually appended. ↩︎
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