LEGO Fortnite sets might still be coming

A promotional image of the LEGO Fortnite collaboration. LEGO figures are amid the Fortnite map.

LEGO has very recently announced a collaboration with Fortnite for an upcoming event. Does that mean we’re going to be seeing any LEGO Fortnite sets soon?

The LEGO x Fortnite collaboration brings a new digital gaming experience as part of the long-term partnership between EPIC Games and The LEGO Group. The game is set to be a survival crafting game that’s going to be available inside of Fortnite and has been in the works for a long while now.

The partnership calls for “a place for kids to play in the Metaverse,” though details from this announcement mention little about any physical LEGO sets that might touch on the Fortnite universe.

While the emphasis was on creating a safe space for kids within the metaverse, the statement also reminds us of the “endless creative possibilities of the LEGO brick, which remains the core of [LEGO’s] business.” This rhetoric certainly suggests that we can expect some LEGO Fortnite sets at some point – it seems almost obvious.

LEGO Fortnite sets rumours

The latest LEGO Fortnite set news indicates they are perhaps in fact on the way. After the reveal of 2024 polybags, it was pretty obvious that the lack of anything Fortnite-related disappointed fans slightly. However, the LEGO Group might still be cooking.

The instructions to build your own LEGO Fortnite Llama have been published online, suggesting that they’re on the move to make LEGO Fortnite more accessible to collectors. This is not an official set, and aside from the make-and-take bags available, it’s impossible to acquire without creating your own.

There’s been no official word of any minis, despite the LEGO Minifigures Series 25 release date coming soon.

Is there a release date for any LEGO Fortnite sets?

At the moment, there’s not much evidence to suggest anything about a release date for any potential LEGO Fortnite sets.

The LEGO Fortnite collaboration was teased late in November with this photo. It features the Supply Llama built out of LEGO:

The image teased a potential LEGO Minifigure of the iconic Fortnite character, and it has since been confirmed that these polybags are available at certain in-person LEGO Fortnite locations across the world.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for any potential news on Fortnite LEGO sets, so stay tuned.

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