LEGO Star Wars 75380 Boonta Eve Podrace details leaked as the first Prequel diorama approaches

The first ever prequel diorama might have just been leaked, reported to launch on the May 1st as part of the 25th LEGO Star Wars anniversary.

The set is reported to have 718 pieces, alongside costing $70. Details include the following, as sourced by YouTube’s BrickClicker: “The set is microscale and depicts the scene where Anakin and Sebulba go through Arch Canyon.”

This is an MOC of what the Boonta Eve Podrace Diorama might look like, as mocked-up by Instagram’s @master.jedi.bricks.

Reactions to the set seem to have miffed off some LEGO fans, with some aware of it’s similarity to the Death Star Trench Run promo set released a few years ago. Similarly, the fact that it’s only going to include 2 pod-racers has turned some noses up.

Others have stated their excitement for the set, which bodes well for LEGO as we approach Star Wars day this year.

It’s unlikely that this set lives up to the standards set by some of the best LEGO Star Wars sets, though it does make upcoming sets a little more attractive.

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