Upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets 2024 and where to buy them

A few of the first LEGO Star Wars sets due to release in 2024 have now been officially confirmed. While the dust begins to settle around the madness of the LEGO x Fortnite collaboration, the full line-up for this year’s Star Wars sets is also slowly making itself apparent. Other upcoming LEGO sets are also expected too.

Here’s the full list of upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets releasing in 2024

The long-rumoured 75372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle pack is now confirmed, though there are going to be some others released as early as January 1st. The LEGO Building Instructions were the first place that this information was made available, while German retailer Lucky Bricks then stoked the flames by publishing images of the sets.

Model and NamePiecesRelease Date
30680 AAT75January 1
75372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack215January 1
75374 Skeleton Crew Ship1325January 1
75384 The Crimson Firehawk136January 1
75375 Millenium Falcon921March 1
75376 Tantive IV654March 1
75377 UnknownMarch 1
75379 Buildable R2-D21050March 1
75387 Tantive IV Boarding Diorama502March 1
40686 UnknownMay 1
75378 Grogu’s EscapeMay 1
75380 Boonta Eve Podrace Diorama718May 1
75381 Buildable DroidekaMay 1
75382 UCS TIE InterceptorMay 1
75373 Mandalorian Battle Pack108June 1
75386 Mandalorian Bunker289June 1
75388 Unknown2024
75389 Unknown2024
75390 X-Wing Pilot Luke Mech2024
75391 Captain Rex’s Y-Wing Microfighter992024

30680 AAT

It contains 75 pieces, so will be an incredibly fast build, but it looks pretty nifty. What more is there to say about a polybag?

  • Fast and neat build
  • Age Range: 6 years and up
  • Pieces: 75
  • Price: £8.99
This year’s Battle Pack

77371 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack

The 77372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack is going to feature 215 pieces, will cost £24.99 and features four LEGO Star Wars minifigures, and five regular LEGO figures. There’s going to be Shock Troopers, Clone Troopers, Super Battle Droids and regular Battle Droids. 

One of the other items of attraction in this 77372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack is a Speeder Bike, but it’s not quite pod-racing. There’s also a STAP speeder which fits the Battle Droids, though the centerpiece is the tri-droid. While it’s quite a little set, you’re going to have quite a few different collectible figures that makes this entirely worth the generous price tag.

  • Age Range: 7+
  • Bricks: 215
  • Price: $29.99

75374 Skeleton Crew Ship

  • Age Range: Unknown
  • Bricks: 1,325
  • Price: £ Unknown / $129.99

The 75374 Skeleton Crew Ship is rumoured to release early in 2024, though the specific date is seemingly unknown as of yet.

It is going to be based on an upcoming Star Wars series featuring Jude Law: Skeleton Crew.

75384 The Crimson Firehawk


75384 The Crimson Firehawk

75384 The Crimson Firehawk is another LEGO Star Wars set from 2024 that we’re just as excited for. The centerpiece is The Crimson Firehawk, a ship featured in Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. This set is aimed at kids, which makes sense considering the origins of the kit.

There’s also reason for collectors to be picking up this kit: the Nash Durango Minifigure and Nubs Minifigure are both included (they also fit into the ship). It has to be said, though, that a kit this simple and aimed at a very young audience doesn’t deserve such a dear asking price.

  • Age Range: 4+
  • Bricks: 136
  • Price: £46.99

75375 Millennium Falcon

This is a highly anticipated set that’s scheduled for a launch in March 2024. The Millennium Falcon often sees itself reincarnated as LEGO, and there’s a set released every so often. This time, it’s another Midi Millennium Falcon, as we saw a few years ago. Thankfully, this one’s slightly cheaper though does have fewer pieces. It’s quite an affordable price, especially considering some of the more expensive sets we’ve seen that have been far less impressive.

75376 Tantive IV

  • Age Range:
  • Bricks: 654
  • Price: Unknown

Not much is known about this LEGO set yet. It features the Tantive IV, the very first ship shown in the franchise’s history. This set is slated to feature 654 pieces, and is also rumoured to potentially cost $79.99. It’s a little more than you’d have hoped, especially since the Millennium Falcon is so similarly priced.

75377 Unknown

Possibly General Grevious’ The Invisible Hand ship, there are very few details known about this ship, according to BricksUp. They’ve suggested that it could be released on March 1st 2024 with a price of $53. It looks as though it’s going to join the Millennium Falcon and Tantive IV as midi sets released at the start of March, so it’s going to be interesting to see them all together to compare.

75379 R2-D2

R2-D2 is one of the most recognisable characters in the Star Wars franchise, and has frequently featured in LEGO Star Wars. It’s come in the forms of minifigures and buildable sets, but this one is of the latter. Likely aimed at a bit more of a child-friendly audience, there’s still plenty of detail when it comes to this set. It seems as though the build will be fairly straightforward, though there are 1,050 pieces. Not a bad thing, though.

75387 Tantive IV Boarding

The Tantive IV is getting plenty of attention with these LEGO releases. There’s also a set capturing the moment that Vader captures and enters Leia’s space freighter, though whether or not it’s a diorama or playset is still disputed.

75378 Grogu’s Escape

The Mandalorian has been a closely watched IP for a while now, and it’s penetrated LEGO already. This set is a little kit surrounding Grogu’s Escape

Season Three of the show is long gone now, though fans will remember Grogu’s past. The set captures one of the moments of Grogu’s escape from the Jedi Temple alongside Kelleran Beq, the Jedi. Grogu is going to be a minifigure, which is a really compelling reason to pick up this set, and there’s also going to be a speeder. It’s expected on May 1st 2024.

75380 Boonta Eve Podrace Diorama

This is one of the most iconic scenes in The Phantom Menace, the first of the prequels. Very little is known aside from a possible release date of May 1st.

75381 Buildable Droideka

Again, another rumoured May 1st release date with very little known.

75382 UCS TIE Interceptor

Star Wars day is looking pretty exciting, especially with May 1st’s possible releases. This could very well end up being one of the rarest LEGO Star Wars sets in the future.

75373 Mandalorian Battle Pack

The first Mandalorian Battle Pack was retired a while ago, though there’s going to be a possible update to this line.

75386 Mandalorian Bunker

Even less is known about this one, though it looks to be released alongside the Mandalorian Battle Pack.

75390 X-Wing Pilot Luke Mech


75391 Captain Rex’s Y-Wing Microfighter


That’s as much as we have on upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets in 2024, though you might also be interested in reading about upcoming LEGO polybags next year too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive LEGO Star Wars set of 2024?

As we anticipate the full launch details, we’re going to be predicting that either the Skeleton Crew Ship or Buildable R2D2 will be the most expensive LEGO Star Wars sets of 2024.

What is the next LEGO Star Wars helmet in 2024?

Unfortunately, LEGO haven’t announced any upcoming LEGO Star Wars helmets for 2024, though we can anticipate that at least one will be announced before the year’s up.

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