6+ of the best LEGO DREAMZzz sets we’re obsessed with (2024)

The LEGO DREAMZzz theme only began in 2023, introducing an all-new fantasy world that’s aimed towards a younger audience. DREAMZzz introduces elements of high-fantasy, science-fiction, and magical realism into creative sets that aren’t bound by any third-party licensing agreements. There’s a whole lot of new LEGO DREAMZzz sets released in 2024 too.

Here are a few of our favourites.

These are the best LEGO DREAMZzz sets right now

Two children are playing with a LEGO DREAMZzz Pegasus Flying Horse set.

We’ve selected a range of LEGO DREAMZzz sets bridging different budgets, complexities, themes, and appearances. The theme is primarily aimed towards kids, so some fairly cheap, entry-level LEGO sets are perfect for children who have yet to build their first LEGO set.

40657 Dream Village: The best starting point for beginners

A close-up of the three buildings in the Dream Village LEGO set.

Whether or not your kid has seen the LEGO DREAMZzz animated series, the starting point with the theme should be the Dream Village. It’s a simple set featuring 434 pieces, each of which comes together to create three imaginative buildings, alongside four unique characters for kids to empathise with.

One of the main reasons why this should be the first LEGO DREAMZzz set you pick up is the multitude of ways that it can be built. The three buildings can be configured in a range of creative arrangements, allowing kids to flex their imagination and problem-solving skills. Other sets in the theme can be built as alternative models, but this one allows you to combine all three mini-models into a single structure.

It’s only going to cost £25.99, a pretty affordable asking price even with the current cost of living, and can easily be paired with larger sets in the future to create an expansive DREAMZzz environment.

Each of the buildings in the Dream Village has efficiently packed interiors. Though there’s not much room inside, there are plenty of trinkets that will have your child asking all the right questions. An assortment of bakery equipment, wizardry paraphernalia, and blacksmithing tools will spark curiosity and enchantment in all those who play with this set.

You can find the Dream Village on Amazon and The LEGO Store.

71469 Nightmare Shark Ship: Ideal for advanced builders

A photograph of the LEGO Nightmare Pirate Ship.

The simplicity of some of the LEGO DREAMZzz sets means that there have to be some more complex builds out there for children with a little bit more experience. That’s where the Nightmare Shark Ship comes in.

The Nightmare Shark Ship features 1,389 pieces, so you know your kid is going to be preoccupied (and likely obsessed) for quite a while. At 60cm wide, you’re also going to have to be prepared for a giant shark-ship hybrid to be found lying around the house in odd places.

This is an incredible LEGO set, not just for kids but also for AFOL too. There are four minifigures included in the set. For me, Grimspawn and its cape are some of the most captivating minis we’ve ever seen released – ever. The detailing and asymmetry on the cape is something that LEGO should strive to keep implementing in other figures as it sets it apart. Aside from this eye-catching minifigure, there’s also the siblings Mateo and Izzy, alongside Nova. Each character is unique with fantastic colours, while also featuring capes, accessories, and down-to-earth clothing.

DREAMZzz’s main selling point is the fact that each LEGO set is multi-dimensional. There’s not a singular ‘correct’ way to build it, instead, the instructions provide clear instructions on transforming the set into something entirely new. This will be exciting for young builders who will have so many ways to enjoy the set. It can be built as a sea-faring pirate ship or turned into a giant monster-truck with rotating wheels. The design principles learned from LEGO Technic and Ninjago have made themselves clear here.

The colour scheme is quite muted, though there are lime green accents contrasting the gooey purple. The bulk of the body is dark black and blue-grey, a move that targets a slightly older audience here.

The 71469 Nightmare Pirate Ship is the most expensive LEGO DREAMZzz set, so it’s going to cost you £119.99 from Amazon and LEGO.

71460 Mr Oz’s Spacebus: A fine choice for sci-fi lovers

A photograph of the LEGO DREAMZzz Mr Oz's Spacebus

If you’re on the lookout for a LEGO set fit for anyone interested in science-fiction, space, aircraft and vehicles, then Mr Oz’s Spacebus has landed.

With 878 pieces to build, two minifigures to adore, and two building variants to experiment with, the Spacebus is a highly versatile LEGO set that encapsulates the core of the DREAMZzz theme. 

One of the minifigures included is Mateo, identical to their appearance in the Nightmare Pirate Ship. This is something to note, though it’s not a bad thing by any stretch.

It wouldn’t be Mr Oz’s Spacebus without the man himself, who is clad in a playful set of white chest armour. This is embellished by a 1×1 tile with Oswald’s insignia on it.

Aside from those, the main attraction has to be the playful Spacebus. Anyone who’s built other LEGO spacecraft before will instantly feel right at home with this set, recognising many of the pieces including the tailpiece.

It’s quite big and bulky – meaning it’s going to be hard to break and make mistakes during the building process. This is also a good sign for anyone who’s only just getting started with building LEGO, as it gives them a chance to make mistakes without losing motivation.

In its initial state, Mr Oz’s Spacebus is honestly quite underwhelming. It’s only when the second variation is incorporated that it becomes quite eye-catching and awe-inspiring. Epic jet engines propel it through space, while a giant blaster cannon can also turn it into an intimidating battleship.

It’s certainly a set catered towards excitement and action. You’re going to be able to pick up Mr Oz’s Spacebus from Amazon or LEGO.

71456 Mrs Castillo’s Turtle Van: The best value for money DREAMZzz set

A look at Mrs Castillo's Turtle Van from LEGO DREAMZzz.

Sometimes, LEGO sets can set you back quite a bit. While they’re incredibly versatile, rebuildable, and also quite iconic, the financial factor can be quite off-putting. Mrs Castillo’s Turtle Van wriggles around this by offering a well-rounded set that’s not going to punch your wallet in the gut.

There are 434 pieces included for £42.99, while there are also three minifigures too. Surprise, surprise, Mateo is one of them…

There’s a party mode, where the Tortuga transforms into a camper van with a shop window. There are moving wheels attached too, so the van’s going to be a whole lot of fun for anyone who likes to vroom it across their play area.

Once it’s transformed into the flying submarine it fully adopts its identity as a turtle, a snappy mouth and floopy limbs appear, while it’s tempted forward by a hilarious carrot on a stick. This is a great design choice, and it’s a fantastic example of the creative flourish that the set designers are working with here.

The 71456 Mrs Castillo’s Turtle Van is available on Amazon and through the LEGO website now.

71471 Mateo’s Off-Road Car: The simplest DREAMZzz set out there

A close-up of Mateo's Off-Road Car.

Anyone intimidated by the scale of other LEGO sets that you might encounter in themes such as Star Wars and Icons will be happy with Mateo’s Off-Road Car. It’s an incredibly simple set, with only 94 pieces used before it’s ready.

Despite the miniature scale and complexity, the reason this appears as one of the best LEGO DREAMZzz sets out there is thanks to the versatile option of two building variants. 

Mateo’s Off-Road Car can either be built as a dune buggy or a quadcopter, both with dynamic moving parts so that owners of the DREAMZzz vehicle can use it however their imagination commands.

The set features yet another minifigure of Mateo, though this one doesn’t include the iconic cape that the others feature. Understandably so, considering the extremely affordable price of this set. At just £8.99, you can’t really set a foot wrong with this fun little kit.

It’s not released yet, mind, and is coming out on January 1st, 2024. You’ll be able to grab it from Amazon, LEGO, and in-store.

71461 Fantastic Tree House: The perfect DREAMZzz centrepiece

A look at the LEGO Fantastical Tree House and surrounding minifigures.

Finally, to round off our thoughts on the best LEGO DREAMZzz sets, we’re featuring the Fantastical Tree House – a huge set with encompassing foliage detail and plenty of building potential.

There’s 1,257 pieces included in the Fantastical Tree House, though in all honesty, building the set isn’t that complex. As always, it features two ways to build it, with a party mode and battle mode depending on whatever mood you’re in.

The set is incredibly dense, with something to fantasise about in every nook and cranny. It’s all supported by a flat base, with all the action and adventure ascending vertically. Four minifigures are supporting the set, with a mini set also accompanying.

Troublemakers, beware. There’s a toaster that fires bagels across your imagination, so if your kid is prone to being cheeky, they might need a little warning first.

The treehouse is garnished with a kitchen, living room and a bedroom, which Mrs Castillo, Izzie, Mateo and the Night Hunter can all occupy. On that note, the last minifigure mentioned is extremely exciting, featuring some great detail and darkness in its design.

You’re going to be able to pick up the Fantastic Tree House DREAMZzz set from Amazon and the LEGO website for £94.99.

Why choose a LEGO DREAMZzz set?

For me, the best part about the whole LEGO DREAMZzz theme is the encouragement of narrative. Not only are these characters featured in their form of storytelling, but the design of the sets is inherently laid out to get kids thinking empathetically, creatively, and with vision.

The sets reverberate between party modes and action modes, building variations can be configured with swathes of versatility, and characters are incredibly detailed and iconic.

If there was ever a LEGO theme that stood for the toy’s core principles – it’s this one.

The LEGO sets we consider the absolute best have a varying range of complexity. This is incredibly important when considering gifts for younger audiences, as something that’s way too difficult to build is boring, and sets that don’t offer much after completion don’t have a very long time in the limelight.

We’re going to be keeping this page updated as new LEGO DREAMZzz sets are released, so make sure to stay nearby for the latest. In the meantime, you might also consider reading about the upcoming LEGO Minifigure Series 25, which fit into the DREAMZzz theme succinctly. Outside of that, older audiences might also be interested in the possibility of LEGO Fortnite sets.

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