21178 LEGO Minecraft The Fox Lodge review: fun, but lacklustre

The 21178 Fox Lodge, released on New Years Day back in 2022, is a great set to get your kids but an AFOL might not appreciate it as much. It is available on Amazon and directly from the LEGO store.

The set features 193 pieces and is marketed towards those 8 and over. The set fits perfectly into this series with its blocky feel and is a bunch of fun to build (just like Minecraft) but there’s not a whole lot going on aside from that. It’s much more suited to a younger audience, though it still has its charms.

The LEGO Minecraft Minifigures are a breath of fresh air

This is a photo of the LEGO Minecraft Fox Lodge Set. There are two Minifigures in the foreground, and in the background is a building which resembles a fox.

Within the set are a few interesting Minifigures which are a nice break from the usual form. Their unique and sleek design really encapsulates everything you are looking for from a LEGO Minifigure, though their boxy heads touch on the essence of Minecraft perfectly. 

The three foxes are elegant, yet simple and a treat to build. Of them, one is a snow fox, with the other two being a red fox and baby fox. Their articulate tails add a layer of depth to the Minifigures which definitely does not go unnoticed. 

The Drowned Minifigure looks pixel for pixel like its video game counterpart that an avid gamer like myself most certainly appreciated. The Fox Onesie Minifigure truly is the standout of this set, wielding a diamond sword and a fishing rod with a fish attached to the end. It really brought back memories from my early childhood: spending hours mining for diamonds and building impossible structures. This set reminds me how well Minecraft and LEGO gel together.

A criticism that both my brother and I shared was the lack of arm printing on the Minifigures. If you compare the Minecraft Minifigures to those from the LEGO Star Wars theme, the difference is immense. A huge amount of the Star Wars Minifigures have their arms printed so it begs the question -why couldn’t the Minecraft Minifigures receive the same treatment?

This is a closeup image of the two fox minifigures from the LEGO Minecraft Fox Lodge set.

Another thing this set doesn’t quite do justice is the actual fox heads. If you compare it to the Minecraft model, a couple things don’t quite line up. The ears should be wider and further up the head. The eyes could be lower down on the face whilst the nose could be smaller but the length could be twice its current size. The fox heads use the same mould as the cat figures which is why it isn’t quite accurate, but a new mould for fox heads wouldn’t go amiss.

The build was fun, but lacklustre

The set has 2 bags, with the first bag forming the terrain and the Minifigures, whilst the second forms the real bulk of the build, The Fox Lodge

Starting off the build is the Minifigures which is always a nice icebreaker into building the actual set. 

The snowy tundra terrain also features a new 2×2 Transparent Blue Jumper Plate which is a useful addition to LEGO’s piece collection, since collectors and avid builders now have a new toy to play with when it comes to making water in their LEGO sets. 

This is an image of the LEGO crafting table from the LEGO Minecraft Fox Lodge set

Another thing that sparked nostalgia for my childhood was the inclusion of classic Minecraft bricks such as a Crafting Table and Furnace. The print on the bricks doesn’t cover all sides of the piece however, so the final product is only really finished on two sides of the block. It’s not a dealbreaker, though it does limit how you configure the final build slightly. 

The Bed in this set is also not my favourite. The purple 2×4 slab which forms the blanket on the bed has studs on top. However, I would’ve personally liked to have seen a smooth 2×4 slab without studs on it to stay true to the source material. More importantly, who the hell wants to sleep on LEGO studs?

The second and last bag builds the main Fox Lodge. The back is open so you can take a peek inside the house and see what lurks inside. The roof is detachable, however it’s not the most user friendly design. The majority of the roof can come off, but there’s still a few pieces which stick out from the roof remaining. This can block your hands from actually getting in on the fun of messing around with the interior design of the building, which is what half of the fun of Minecraft actually is. It’s a shame this set couldn’t quite deliver on that aspect. 

This is an image of the rear view of the Fox Lodge. There is an open back and on the interior is a purple bed, with a plant beside it. There is a crafting table, a furnace, a cake and a map. This is from the LEGO Minecraft Fox Lodge Set

The actual aesthetic of the building does remind me of the classic blocky feel that Minecraft gives me, so from that perspective, the set shone. However, the terrain is pretty bare with there only being a torch, a berry plant to feed your foxes with and a barrel to keep your sword. It would’ve been nice to see the inclusion of a classic Minecraft tree right near the tail of the fox lodge to give the set just that extra little nostalgia kick we all crave.

The build itself is quite small and I easily built it in one sitting with no real struggle. There are 11 spare pieces all of which are quite small so I would try to be careful keeping those pieces loose around your kids since you never quite know what they are going to do next. The best LEGO DREAMZzz sets are a good alternative build for anyone with younger kids.

An interesting thing about this set is this new piece, a 1x1x2/3 plate with Hole in Stud. This piece is a fraction of the height of a regular 1x1x1 piece and forms the flower pot on the interior of the building. This part allows for you AFOL’s to be more creative with your builds. Every new part LEGO comes out with is well appreciated.

Final word on the 21178 The Fox Lodge review

This is an image of the top of the fox lodge.

I had a great time building this, however I did find the building techniques quite lacklustre and simple. Though simple, it was still a joy to build and see the building arise from the ground. 

In my opinion, the set feels like it’s too simple to justify buying as an AFOL. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfect set for your kid if they like Minecraft. They will have a blast building it and playing around with the Minifigures, creating fight scenes between the Drowned and the Fox in a Onesie. However, if you are going to invest in a LEGO Minecraft set, there are bigger, better alternatives. As a budget entry into the series, this set serves its purpose but it will leave you craving more. The set doesn’t quite feel whole but it’s got good value for money regardless only setting you back around £17.99 at full MSRP. While it’s not the kind of set you’d imagine any LEGO investing collectors would be pining for, it’s certainly a charming bit of kit.

Our review of the LEGO Minecraft Fox Lodge gives it a 3/5.

It’s available from Amazon and directly from LEGO.

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